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Flying Dragons Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1960s, is one of manufacturers in Taiwan to engage in researching & developing of industrial adhesive (including Epoxy Resin), collects multi-functions from R&D – Produce – Sales – Trade in one business and with comprehensive production on industrial adhesive of enterprise group.

Introduce the card material of with adhesive/without adhesive film from the well-known Germany company “KP (KLÖCKNER PENTAPLAST)、the concrete external wall protective coating from Japan’s AGC (ASHAHI GLASS COAT-TECH CO.,)、the electrical conductive/thermal conductive epoxy resin and silver glue from the US CREATIVE MATERIALS, INC., as well as importing the double-sided tape from Europe and America.

The main sales on the industrial adhesive, environmental friendly glue, UL approved yellow & white glue, epoxy resin, industrial double-sided tape, special purpose on packaging material for solar modules, and more used in electrical conductive, thermal conductive, optical, silver glue etc. plastic material.

LFGB :0114060049a 001


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